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When to carry out roof replacements?

If your roof urgently needs replacing and damage is being caused to the property and its contents, then getting it done straight away is the answer!

However, if you know your roof is old and has had issues and it’s getting towards needing replacement then you can take your time to choose when the best time of year.

Is Summertime best for roof replacements?

Replacing your roof is best when the weather is better and less rain is expected. So spring, Summertime and early autumn will be an ideal time to have a new roof to avoid winter wind, rain and bad weather. If there is a little bit of light rain, then work can continue without there being any damage, but if there is prolonged or heavy rain, then the need to cover the exposed areas with a waterproof covering and strap it down to keep it in place.

What do roofers do in the Summer?

Roofers are often very busy during Wintertime as the weather will have caused damage to properties and they can be in high demand to carry out emergency repairs. But periods of nice weather and the milder seasons of the year mean they are able to carry out bigger jobs and complete them quicker. It is a time when they tend to do more roof cleaning and roof sealing to be proactive and prepare properties for the winter.

Wintertime with its notorious cold and bad weather means it’s not ideal time to replace your roof, but Summertime is, so if you are planning on getting a new roof, even though it may not be urgent, choosing to get it replaced while the weather is likely to be kinder is a sensible option, and you will probably find your chosen roofer can fit you in at your convenience. 

If you are the kind of person that believes ‘prevention is better than cure’, then asking for a roof inspection in the Summer months is a good way to protect your property from damage, especially if your roof is getting towards the end of its useful life.

Proactive Roofing Tasks

Extend the life of your roof and keep it waterproof with regular roof cleaning and roof sealing. Roof cleaning includes Moss, lichen and algae removal as well as roof treatments. We inspect all aspects of the roof including gutters, chimneys, dormers, fascia, soffits, downspouts and skylights. We pay special attention during our roof maintenance services and check for loose debris, moss and mould.  Our Roof Cleaning & Sealing Services start from as little as £299.


How much does a new roof cost?

Check a trade shows the UK national average cost to replace a roof is £5,500 with most homeowners spending between 3000 and £16,000. Higher costs are for larger properties with more complex slate hip roofs. 

Things that might bump up the price a little more may include additional costs for Vellux windows, vents, chimneys, scaffolding, roof removal, and skips so do ask when you get a quote from any roofing company what the cost of these other items will be. 


What different types of re-roofing are there?

Re-roofing could mean replacing the felt, batons and tiles if existing rafters are dry and in good condition, which is a cheaper job than the other option –  a full roof replacement

How is a full roof replacement different to re-roofing?

A full roof replacement means replacing the entire roof including the rafters. If the existing rafters are not structurally sound or show signs of water damaged and are rotten, then they will need replacing too and this is a much bigger and more costly job.

My roof is leaking, do I need a new roof? 

We can carry out repairs and replacements to roofs of all kinds and will give you a free no obligation quotation for the right work – giving you an honest opinion about the work that needs doing.

Our reputation relies on our honesty as well as our workmanship, so we always aim to provide the best solution for our customer and their budget.

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