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Roof Replacement

Our roofers replaced a roof with Double Red Roman Tiles to a property in Bristol. The old felt and battens were removed as they were in poor condition, joists were checked to ensure they were stable and in good condition before continuing.

What effect does poor roof felt have?

Roof felt is laid on the top of the rafters and  under the timber battens. It is breathable (you can see this stamped on the felt on the photo). As well as providing another layer to keep rain out, it is also an extra layer of insulation to keep the heat in and the cold out.  Traditional roof felt will last for about 30 years. As roof felt gets older, it will become weathered and you may notice changes that indicate the felt needs replacing. Signs the roofing felt is past its best include heat loss as well as moisture and water leaks after heavy rain. Looking at your roof you may even notice some tiles are dislodged and this will create spaces for wind, rain and snow to get in and cause damage.

The photo shows we used Breathshield 150 – a premium grade, vapour-permeable underlay.  Breatheshield 150 offers greater strength and water tightness than many of its competitors. The top 3 leading manufacturers in the UK of Breather membranes (otherwise known as breathable membranes)  roof felt are: TyvekCromar and Klober.

If you live in, or near Bristol and would like advice about felt or a roof inspection to prevent or minimise damage to your property, please call now and speak to our experienced roofers. We do not have a call out fee and are available  24/7 to help with your roof repairs and maintenance tasks. We take great pride on our passion for perfection and our 5* service.

What are Double Red Roman Tiles?

Roof tiles come in many shapes, materials and colours. The Double Red Roman Tiles are tradiontal tiles originally influenced by the Romans and they work well because of the over and under system. They are robust and can withstand the weather. Minimal maintenance is needed, but regular inspection is advised.