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Roof Cleaning in bristol

Give your house a new look & preserve your roof, with our Professional Roof Cleaning & sealing Services

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We offer a 5* roof cleaning and sealing service, which will help extend your roof life and make your home look like new.

Invest in our professional roof cleaning and maintenance services to save major roof repairs later on. Major roof repairs can be expensive, difficult to complete and can take months to finish. We know that good roof maintenance will prevent the need for costly repairs or a full roof replacement. So looking after your roof with an occasional clean and inspection could prevent expensive repairs later down the line.


It goes without saying that a freshly cleaned & sealed roof not just looks great, but in addition it does have many other benefits. Adding value to your house & maintaining the heat being the two main ones. But if you are looking to just have your roof cleared of Moss, algae and other unsightly growth, Bristol Royal Roofing also offer a roof scraping service, that does just that. With Prices starting from just £149, this may be what you are just looking for. 

Roof Cleaning Process:

Inspection of the Roof

  • We start by inspecting all aspects of the roof including gutters, chimneys, dormers, fascia, soffits, downspouts and skylights.
  • Special attention is given during our roof maintenance services to check for loose debris, moss and mould.

Dirt & Debris & Moss Removal

  • Moss removal, involves spraying the roof surface with a cleaner and then gently brushing the area. This also removes oil, grease, lichen, algae and dirt.
  • A gentle wash is used if a more thorough clean is needed.

Protecting the Surface

  • After the roof surfaces are clean we apply a biocidal wash to kill pesticides and prevent  moss, lichen or algae growth
  • A special sealant/paint can be applied to fully protect the roof and can even change the colour of the roof as it is available in several different colours.

Our Roof cleaning and sealing services start from only £299!



Chimney repairs and repointing Bristol area Roof Repairs,

Roof tiles clean and sealed



Unfortunately, the typical Bristol weather does eat away at the integrity of your materials, such as tiles or slates. This is where the special sealant we apply after a clean help. Not only does it prevent further build-up of Moss or algae, but it also protects against rain, sleet and snow.


Once the Bristol Royal Roofing team cleaned the roof, the special biocidal spray we use, not only kills the moss, lichen and algae that is present, but it also protects it for the foreseeable future. Thus, preventing it becoming unsightly and discoloured. 


Sealant can help keep bills low. Don’t think that the extra layer of moss is doing this. It is actually doing the opposite, as the growth penetrates gaps between the tiles and allows warm air to escape. The sealant we use, closes these gaps & ensures that the remains in the property.



A clean roof not only looks the part and can transform the actual look of your house, but it is an aesthetic appeal to any potential home buyers. This will help sell your property quicker and can actually add value to your home.

Long term roof protection from moss

Long term roof protection.

If you live an area trees or plants then your roof is more prone to growth over time.  But, Bristol Royal Roofing can help with this problem.

We can prevent this with the use of copper strips.  We can scrape your roof, clean it, seal it and then install Copper strips. 

When Copper strips are fitted onto your ridge tiles, it acts as it is a natural biocide. It is actually the same system used on the hull of sailing ships to stop barnacle growth that slow ships..

When it rains copper salt will flow from the strips that has been added this will then coat the roof and prevent any moss or algae from returning, it actually can be used to kill and removes existing moss!

If you think this would be beneficial to your property then please feel free to get in touch and we can let you know exactly what is involved and can give you a free estimate.  We provide this service to all types of property, from bungalows to 3 storey town houses across the Bristol area. 

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We are Bristol’s Local Roofing Specialists. Services Include, Roof Installation, Roof Repairs, Flat Roof Replacements and general maintenance for all types of roofing.


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Whether it is Gutter Repair Or replacement, we can help. We can supply & fit uPVC guttering, soffits and fascia boards in black, white and other colours.

Roof Cleaning

Extend the life of your roof and keep it waterproof with regular cleaning and Roof sealing. Moss, lichen and algae removal & roof treatments available from £299