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We have put a copper strip on this roof’s ridge tiles to prevent the growth and build up of Moss and algae.

How can Copper strips protect my roof?

  • Sealing connections to walls, chimney flashings
  • Inhibits the growth of Moss & Algae.
  • Cleaning effect from the copper ions.
  • Weatherproof and long-term resistance

The copper strips are fitted onto the ridge tiles because they are a  natural biocide taht will prevent growth of plants. The same system is used on the hull of boats and  ships to stop barnacle growth.

When it rains the copper strip will release copper salt whcih then coats the roof and prevents moss or algae from returning, plus  it also kills and removes existing moss.

Want a quote for this safe effective treatment to keep your roof free of moss and algae?

We always recommend you use a professional to carry out roofing work and will provide a competitive quotation.